Five Ways to Involve & Entertain Children in Any DIY Project

There’s nothing quite like having your child help you with a DIY project. If you struggle to take your child off the screen, then you should definitely try and involve them in your new do-it-yourself activity. It doesn’t matter whether you build a new shelf, repaint, or create a feature in your garden. Have fun with it, and remember to read the following five ways to involve your kids in your activities.

Tools Should Be Introduced One at a Time

Five Ways to Involve & Entertain Children in Any DIY Project

As you know, children can get easily distracted. If you don’t allow them to take their time with all the tools they will need for the process, you risk compromising their enthusiasm. So, there is no way to stress this enough — always introduce tools one at a time. Your kid will not remember all the equipment you put in front of them if you don’t allow them to slowly learn about them.

Always Work at Their Height

This is especially important if you plan to involve a smaller child in your next DIY project. After all, you wouldn’t be comfortable handling work on a surface that is too high or too low, right? Well, why should you put your kids through it? There are child-size workbenches you can use. Keep in mind that the optimal size for preschoolers is 2 x 4 ft. and should stand 24 in. high. For elementary-age children, increase the height of the workbench by another three inches at least.

Don’t Neglect Safety

Man and woman with boy and girl painting hearts on wall

No DIY activity will be fun if it ends in an accident, right? For this reason, you should always follow strict safety rules. Tie up your kid’s hair if it’s too long. Wear the right shoes. Always put glasses on when using a saw or similar instrument.

Don’t Do it for Them

While you may be tempted to get the screw from your kid’s hands and finish the job for them, trust us when we say don’t do it. Many DIYers don’t have the patience to watch their child struggle with the simplest tasks. But, remember this: by doing these seemingly simple activities, your child will learn valuable life skills. So, guide them if needed, but let them work undisturbed, and you will not regret it.

Bubble Wrap Time!

Remember how fun it used to be when you were a kid and had bubble wrap in your hands? If you order something that comes with bubble wrap, give your kid the gift of playing with it! If it’s big enough, you can put it on the floor so that the whole family can have some fun!

All About Timothee Chalamet and His Current Sense of Fashion

Timothee Chalamet is someone that many people talk about in terms of his acting roles in various films and also in terms of his fashion. While Chalamet doesn’t have a stylist, he dresses as if he does. He started catching people’s eye at the Venice Film Festival moment when he wore a Haider Ackermann suit in a silver-gray color with leather boots. This is what started a new era for Hollywood masculinity.

Timothee Chalamet and His Sense of Fashion

All About Timothee Chalamet and His Current Sense of Fashion After Timothee Chalamet stole the show in a Haider Ackermann suit at the Venice Film Festival in 2019, Ackermann continued to work with the actor on numerous occasions. Ackermann even designed Chalamet’s outfit for the Met Gala. He wore a cropped tuxedo jacket with baggy sweatpants by Rick Owens and some high-top converse.

His 2019 outfit for the Golden Globes broke the Internet. He even had on a sequined Louis Vuitton harness. For a Dune press tour out in London, Timothee Chalamet was seen wearing a Slytherin (from Harry Potter) sweater.

In and Out of the Public Eye

Even when Timothee Chalamet is out of the spotlight, he’s still able to put on a stylish outfit. Whether it’s through average dressing styles that will make him fit in like a local or something more standout-ish, Chalamet throws on quite a few versatile outfits for all kinds of occasions.

Timothee Chalamet and His Sense of FashionWhile Timothee Chalamet’s style isn’t the most groundbreaking one out there, he stands out in terms of the headlines and more. Even though many will disagree with how popular or stylish his outfits are, many others will think the opposite. Back in 2019, Vogue named him as the most influential man in fashion.

The good thing about Timothee Chalamet is that he knows how to confidently wear the outfits that he puts together, which ends up making him look better in the end.