Four Car Sickness Hacks To Make Any Road Trip More Pleasant

Family road trips can be one of the best ways to create lasting memories. But things aren’t all fun and games when kids get carsick. It comes quickly (even during very short drives) and can make the life of everyone in the car a nightmare. But car sickness doesn’t have to turn your road trip into endless suffering. Scroll down for four hacks that actually work.

When Does Car Sickness Occur?

Four Car Sickness Hacks To Make Any Road Trip More Pleasant

Usually, children below two years of age don’t suffer from car sickness. The condition peaks when kids are around nine years old. Experts say that while parents can’t completely prevent it from happening, they can try some hacks to alleviate their kids’ queasiness. If your kids tend to get carsick when you travel, read the four hacks we’ve prepared for you.

Fresh Air Can Help

As soon as the kid starts complaining, try and roll down the windows a bit. Getting fresh air helps to lower the body’s temperature, which is believed to help overcome car sickness. Of course, that may not always be applicable. If the kid gets sick while you’re driving on a highway, consider stopping at a rest stop.

The A/C Might Do the Trick

If neither stopping nor opening the windows is an option, then you should consider turning on the air conditioning. It’s thought to help in the same way as fresh air, but keep in mind that it may not be just as fresh.

Car Sickness Band? Why Not!

Well, it’s still unclear whether acupressure bands can actually help or not. Some individuals say they do wonders, while others find them completely useless. In any case, there’s no pain involved in trying, right? Have the child try it out for themselves, and keep the band if it helps.

Keep Eyes Closed

Car sickness occurs because there’s an inconsistency between what the eyes perceive and what the inner ear signals to the brain. In simple terms, the inner ear says you’re not moving, while your eyes see you are driving down a highway at 70 mph. Well, another option to ease the feeling of queasiness is to keep your eyes closed. That way, there won’t be a mismatch between the organs’ perceptions.

The four hacks described above are some of the most popular ways to deal with car sickness. They’re in no way 100% effective in all children, but it pays to try them out. Fingers crossed, the next road trip won’t be turned into a disaster.