When Will Your Baby Recognize Their Own Name?

Pexels // Vika Glitte

In your baby’s first year, there are loads of milestones to look forward to, but one of the coolest has to be when they start recognizing and responding to their name. There’s nothing like that happy feeling when your little one turns their head after you call them!

Keep reading to get the lowdown on when babies usually start recognizing their names.

Understanding Developmental Milestones

Babies usually catch on to recognizing their names between 4-9 months old. Once they’ve got the hang of it, you’ll see them consistently looking your way or reacting when you call them.

From 7 months onwards, they’ll start paying attention to where different sounds are coming from, and by 9 months, most babies will turn their heads when you call their name.

How to Boost Your Baby’s Name Game

Ever wondered how to help your baby recognize their name? First up, repeat their name. Drop it in everyday chats while giving them eye contact—it helps them get familiar with the sound. Changing your tone helps them pick up on communication vibes.

Another way to boost up the game is by narrating your actions. Seriously! Explaining stuff, even the mundane like changing diapers and prepping their food, is like language exposure 101, according to Pediatrician Kisten Cook.

Pexels // Carlos Santiago

Reading and singing? That’s the secret sauce. It not only broadens their vocab but also boosts their brain power. And guess what? Those adorable coos and babbles? They’re building blocks for your baby’s language skills. So, enjoy them!

When to Seek Guidance

Dr. Cook notes that language skills can develop at different rates for each baby, so if your little one takes a bit longer, that’s usually okay. If you’re ever worried, just chat with your pediatrician.