Tom Hanks Advised His Son Not to Rely on His Famous Last Name

Tom Hanks has given his youngest son, Truman, some tough advice in preparation for their upcoming film together. The two will star in the 2023 film A Man Called Otto, which is set to be released in cinemas in January 2023. Truman, who is 26 years old, will appear alongside his father in the film.

Truman Hanks Tries Acting

Tom Hanks Advised His Son Not to Rely on His Famous Last NameIn the film A Man Called Otto, Tom Hanks plays the main protagonist, Otto, while Truman plays a younger version of the character. The film is based on a New York Times bestseller book and tells the story of Otto, a grumpy widower who derives pleasure from judging and criticizing his neighbors. After driving away many of his neighbors, Otto meets his match when a young family moves in next door. The unexpected friendship turns Otto’s world upside down.

In a recent interview, Tom Hanks discussed his role as Otto and his son Truman’s performance as the younger version of the character. Hanks emphasized the importance of Truman not relying on his famous last name and instead hitting the marks in his performance.

Truman and Tom Hanks

Truman HanksHanks also praised Truman’s performance as magnificent and extraordinary. According to Tom Hanks, Truman is an artist and plans to become a cinematographer but was given the choice to participate in the film and decided to do so willingly. Soon, fans from all over the world will be able to witness his first performance as an actor.

During the interview, Tom Hanks joked that playing the grumpy old man in A Man Called Otto was fantastic as it allowed him to express his inner grouch. In addition to his son, Tom Hanks will also be joined by his wife, Rita Wilson, who is a producer for the film. The trio was recently seen promoting the film in London, an infrequent occurrence for Truman. The cast of the new movie also includes Richard Osman, Rina Slaywayama, Naomi Ackie, and Suranne Jones.