Taylor Swift Threatens to Sue Student Tracking Her Plane on Social Media

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Jack Sweeney, an environmentally conscious college student from the University of Central Florida, has been monitoring Taylor Swift’s private jet on social media. In response, the singer and her legal team threatened to sue him. The student claims he didn’t intend any harm, yet the pop star feels harassed.

What Did Sweeney Do?

Jack Sweeney operates a social media account where he posts about the carbon footprint of private jets. Taylor Swift and her legal team consider the behavior of Sweeney “stalking and harassing.”

In a cease-and-desist letter sent in December 2023, Swift’s lawyer, Katie Wright Morrone, described Sweeney’s actions as causing irreparable harm both to the emotional and physical states of the singer, and increasing fear for her safety.

Sweeney Didn’t Mean Harm

The University of Florida student replied to the accusations that he didn’t intend harm and argued that the information he shared had already been available to the public. Headlines about the increased carbon emissions that Taylor Swift’s jet caused appeared days before the letter from her attorney reached Sweeney.

It is true that with big fame and money comes big responsibilities, but Taylor Swift is already doing a lot to give back to society. Like many other celebrities, she too has a private jet. She is also a human being whose privacy has to be respected.

Taylor Swift Is Generous

Taylor Swift is on Forbes’ 2024 World’s Billionaires List. However, besides a huge hard-earned and well-deserved wealth, the talented star also possesses a kind heart. The singer is known to regularly and generously donate to worthy causes, like to the victims of the Kansas City Parade disaster, and book donations to her hometown library in Reading, Pennsylvania.

Instagram // @taylorswift

No matter how good Sweeney’s intentions are, the student must be aware that some boundaries shouldn’t be crossed. Although he delivered already-public information, Sweeney drew more attention to it on social media. Taylor Swift and her team felt that his actions didn’t solve any problems, but rather only created more for celebrities.