Steve Harvey Shared His Thoughts About Michael B. Jordan

In a recent interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Steve Harvey revealed his real thoughts regarding his daughter Lori dating the actor Michael B. Jordan. The comedian also discussed the couple’s major Valentine’s Day date and used the opportunity to add some comments on People magazine’s Hottest Man Alive title.

Steve Harvey Has Set the Record Straight on His Opinion of Michael B. Jordan

Steve Harvey during his interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live
Steve Harvey Shared His Thoughts About Michael B. Jordan

The host of Family Feud appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and shared his thoughts on his daughter dating the Creed star. But before he got there, he cleared up a tiny detail and admitted that the actor is actually a nice guy. However, Steve Harvey said that he does not believe Michael is the hottest man alive at all. This quickly led to a question from Jimmy asking who the comedian thought was the hottest man alive. Naturally, the 64-year-old Harvey said he was the hottest man walking and explained that paying for all these people was hot, adding that if that was not hot, he did not know what was.

Steve Harvey Never Considered Himself Attractive So He Chose to Start a Career as a Comedian

Michael B. Jordan and his girlfriend Lori Harvey
Steve Harvey Shared His Thoughts About Michael B. Jordan

According to Harvey, he was never attractive, and he knew that at a young age. That’s why he had to come up with jokes to make others like him. Jimmy Kimmel told Steve Harvey that he was fortunate to have Michael dating his daughter Lori and recalled the romantic Valentine’s Day the couple had together.

Kimmel reminded Harvey how Jordan rented the whole aquarium for his daughter, but Steve was not as impressed as the fans. According to him, Michael was playing his luck. Harvey explained that this major display of love would be hard to top in the future, and Valentine’s Day comes around every year. Steve went on to wish Michael good luck with choosing his future present and added that the gesture was actually really nice. He also said he was happy for him and what a great guy he was, adding that he had also met his father.