Kevin Hart Talks on Podcast Аbout Learning from Past Mistakes

Comedian and actor Kevin Hart recently appeared on a podcast where he discussed his new book Monsters and How to Tame Them. When asked if he had to be more careful with the jokes he makes during the advent of cancel culture, Hart confirmed that this was the case.

Kevin Hart Lets People Change

Kevin Hart Talked On a Podcast Аbout Learning from Past Mistakes

According to Kevin Hart, there were changes that had to be made in modern culture, and being aware was something all people should prioritize. He added that while people were learning to better understand each other, respect should also be attached to the equation. He then pointed out how in recent years, there was a heightened level of sensitivity and opinion because social media had presented the world with platforms where people can express themselves and their feelings. According to him, this led to others hearing things they weren’t used to hearing on a regular basis and revealed conversations that people may not have been aware of but were happening in real-time. Still, Hart pointed out that despite all that, people shouldn’t lose the ability to laugh at themselves.

Hart Tries to Be Authentic

During the length of the podcast, Kevin Hart revealed that he tries to be an example of transparency and authenticity and often talks about things that people don’t consider funny. He said there was now a sensitivity line that some would try to go near and others would directly and aggressively cross. According to the comedian, there should be a mutual goal to find balance on this line and stand together while knowing that no one means harm to anyone else. The actor stated that people often forget that there has to be an opportunity to improve for people who have done something bad or wrong. He justified his statement by pointing out how when people make mistakes, they learn from them and grow from them.

Hart Learned From His Mistakes

Hart certainly had the opportunity to experience cancel culture on his back several times. He stepped down from hosting the Oscars in 2018 after people on Twitter started commenting on a decade-old online controversy no one had even noticed before. In a statement last year, Kevin spoke in an interview, saying he had been canceled three or four times already, and he never bothered paying attention to that. According to him, allowing cancel culture to have an effect on an artist will cause the effect itself. Hart pointed out that he understood people are human and everyone can change, adding that taking someone down for something they said was not something society should strive to do.