Dolly Parton Wants to Star in Jennifer Aniston’s Remake of ‘9 to 5’

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Country music and acting legend Dolly Parton starred in a comedy movie in 1980 called 9 to 5. The film is getting a remake, which Jennifer Aniston is producing, and Dolly had a lot to say when recently asked in an interview if she wanted to be a part of the project.

Dolly Parton and Casting Roles

Jennifer Aniston is set to remake the smash movie, 9 to 5, which originally starred Dolly Parton, Jane Fonda, and Lily Tomlin. Dolly stated that she spoke to Jennifer about it several years ago when she was in California.

At their lunch, Aniston mentioned that she wanted to revisit the movie using younger actresses but that she would like to find a different position for the three original cast members. As Dolly Parton discussed the project, she did mention that she hoped Jennifer would keep her song in the new 9 to 5 movie.

Jennifer Aniston’s Dog

Also in attendance at their lunch was Aniston’s dog, which is aptly named Dolly Parton! When Dolly found this out, she said that she had been called a dog before, but that this was the first time that she actually saw it in person.

Instagram // @jenniferaniston

If Aniston has a dog with Dolly as its namesake, Parton jokingly said there needed to be a few ground rules, such as not shouting the dog’s name all over the neighborhood or telling Dolly not to pee on the carpet. Dolly said not to do things that would embarrass them both.

Staying True to the Original

Parton hopes that the remake will be as close to the original movie as possible, and she could sing the famous song that is synonymous with the movie. She also hinted that she would love Miley Cyrus, who is her goddaughter, to play her former character.

Jennifer still has yet to confirm whether or not Parton will star in the movie along with the original cast, but here’s hoping!