Chris Pratt Wonders — Is it Ever OK to Throw Away Kids’ Trophies and Artwork?

Facebook // Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt recently posted on Instagram wondering whether it’s okay to get rid of (or repurpose) the stuff from your childhood. He got this idea from his wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger, who was going through her old things, which her mom had kept very neatly. Pratt shared pictures of his wife going through her old stuff.

Chris Pratt Started a Discussion

One of the things Katherine Schwarzenegger found was a trophy for being the most improved 2-year-old in a swim class. Pratt’s post made a joke about it, saying that the other 2-year-olds must not have been great swimmers, but then he revealed she was the only 2-year-old in the class!

Facebook // Chris Pratt

But then he asked a deeper question to his 45.5 million followers. He talked about how parents want to give their kids a happy childhood with lots of memories. But he also asked what to do with all these memories when the kids grow up.

Childhood Memories Matter

Is it okay to throw them away, especially participation trophies or sports awards? Pratt suggested a grading system to decide what to keep and what to throw away—after all, it’s difficult to throw away precious memories. One potential solution is to take pictures of the items to keep the memory alive, in digital form.

Facebook // Chris Pratt

Another suggestion is to donate items to needy schools or community groups.

Chris Pratt sparked a heartfelt conversation about the significance of cherished childhood mementos and the sentimental attachments people hold to their memories. Whether tucked away in storage or shared with future generations, these tokens of the past carry a profound emotional weight and navigate the delicate balance between preserving the past and making space for the future.