Alec Baldwin Talks About the Working Conditions on the Set of ‘Rust’

Alec Baldwin was the man holding the prop gun that was accidentally fired, resulting in one casualty – Halyna Hutchins, the up-and-coming cinematographer, and also injured Joel Souza, the director, on the set of ‘Rust’. Now, Baldwin is speaking up regarding the working conditions on set.

Alec Baldwin show just moments after the tragic accidental shooting on the set of the movie 'Rust'.
Alec Baldwin Talks About the Tragedy on Set

Baldwin took to his Instagram to share some of the screenshots he had from a note written by Terese Magpale Davis, who was part of the costume department crew on the set of the Western movie, ‘Rust.’ In the screenshots, Davis discredits the rumors regarding any of the cast or crew working under unsafe or unfair conditions.

Davis stated that the story is being spun so much that people are claiming the cast and crew were overworked and surrounded by chaotic conditions. She discussed break times and that the cast and crew had a 56-hour weekend before the tragedy took place, which can all be proven through the daily timesheets.

Alec Baldwin decided to defend the working conditions on set by reposting Davis’ note that also mentioned how though the camera crew was, given safe and adequate lodging options, and most of them didn’t use their rooms because of how early production would wrap up each night.

The camera crew believed that the hotel rooms they had weren’t fancy enough; however, they didn’t think they were unsafe.

Alec Baldwin after realizing the aftermath of the fatal accident that took place on the set of the movie 'Rust'.An Issue of Gun Safety

Alec Baldwin also seemed to agree with Davis in terms of the armorer not being the most experienced for the job but someone fit for the position. She also added that the assistant director David Halls was stressed due to some horrible calls and while she’s angry at him for what happened, she doesn’t agree that he was uncaring.

Davis agreed that getting better working conditions could have been possible, but the tragedy wasn’t a result of that, but more so an issue of gun safety.

Alec Baldwin reposted this note just a few days after speaking on camera for the first time regarding the shooting as well as his relationship with Hutchins.